Curriculum at St Helena's Catholic Primary School

Teaching and learning is at the core of what makes a good school. The curriculum is what we at St Helena's want our students to know and be able to do by the time they graduate in Year Six. It forms the foundation for student learning in our school. The curriculum includes what is taught (content), when it is taught (scope and sequence), how it is taught (instruction/programs), what will be used (resources), and how we will know students have learned (assessment).

At St Helena's use of information, communication and multi-media systems are integrated across the curriculum and character development is valued, nurtured, modelled and interwoven at all grade levels. Thinking at higher levels and problem solving in groups and as individuals are emphasized and expected.

The St Helena's Catholic Primary School curriculum is a standards-based curriculum that is rooted in the Australian Curriculum standards and Western Australian Department of Education standards. Student mastery of standards is consistently monitored in order to increase student achievement and improve teaching and learning.

Each student's academic progress is tracked through a combination of teacher devised and standardised assessment tasks. This data is analysed to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and programs are modified to allow each student to reach their potential.

Students at St Helena's are encouraged to pursue high standards of achievement in literacy and numeracy and in a broad range of learning experiences modelled on the Australian Curriculum.

Young children naturally enjoy the chance to create and perform and St Helena's taps into this creativity and expands each student's horizons through developing their confidence and abilities.

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