School Board

The School Board has a number of very important governance roles to play with regard the development of the school. One of its critical roles is to oversight and approve all matters which have a financial implication for the school. The Board also acts as a consultative forum for the Principal on issues such as:

  • faith formation of students and staff,
  • curriculum development,
  • property and maintenance,
  • administration,
  • human resources and
  • parent education.

In addition the School Board also provides timely, appropriate advice as requested and assists the Principal in monitoring school effectiveness.

As a body, the School Board is always seeking to harness the expertise, talents and resources of members of the school community and wider local community for the
benefit of the school.

The Board comprises the Parish Priest, the Principal, a representative from the Parish Council, a representative of the Parents & Friends Association and a minimum of four and maximum of six other elected persons.

For further information regarding the School Board and it's role at St Helena's please download the documents below.

2016 School Board Members

The School Board will meet on the following dates at 6.00pm:

  • 25 October
  • 16 November - AGM

Below is a summary of the Board Minutes for your information:

Nomination Form for School Board - Nominations are now open for the 2018.


Below is a copy of reports presented to the 2016 Annual General Meeting held on 17 November 2016:

2016 AGM Principal's Report

2016 AGM School Board Chair's & Treasurer's Report

2016 AGM P & F President's Report

2016 AGM P & F Treasurer's Report


Key Responsibilities of the St Helena's Board

Catholic School Board Constitution

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Student Absentees

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